Rigid Flex PCB and its Advantages

Rigid Flex PCB in Canada

Rigid Flex PCB and its Advantages

Rigid flex Printed circuit board is the power-house of all the modern-day gadgets ranging from laptops, wearable to medical equipment, satellites. The primary reason is the efficiency, affordability and a variety of benefits over the old rigid boards.

These revolutionary boards are a boon to the PCB manufacturing industry since they offer portability and dynamic utility. Let us learn more about the amazing rigid flex PCBs.

How is The Rigid Flex PCB Assembled?

The rigid flex PCB contains several layers of flexible circuit connected to single or multiple boards. There further assembled based on the application’s design.

A Flex PCB uses the sophisticated 3d space process for designing purposes, it promises a plethora of advantages over traditional rigid board. The ability to bend, twist and roll the board in 3d space makes it easy for designers to obtain the required shape for the necessary application.

Types of Rigid Flex PCB:

The Rigid flex circuit board is primarily classified into two types. They are:

A. Flexible to install : This is one of the most common methods to manufacture these innovative PCBs. In this process, the circuit board folds only once during the assembly of the unit. Further changes cannot be applied after the board is folded. This process ensures that the rigid flex board is stable and reliable.

B. Dynamic flex : In this dynamic method, the PCB may need to be able to fold and bend frequently during product use. Special emphasis is needed while making this type of flexible board. This is to ensure that the flexible portion of the board can withstand repeated usage. With proper design, the circuit boards might last for a lifetime.

Why is The Rigid Flex PCB preferred?

  1. The rigid-flex PCB design allows the board to withstand high vibration conditions. It is shock-resistant as well and this ensures less equipment failure.
  2. They have lower weight and increased circuit density.
  3. They can endure thousands of flex cycles.
  4. Due to the 3d space design, the space requirements are minimized.
  5. A test can be conducted before the rigid flex printed circuit board is installed. This is a huge advantage over the rigid board technology.

Rigid flex technology allows PCB manufacturers in Canada to develop circuits that suit the final product. This saves a lot of time and reduces production costs. So, opt for the rigid flex PCB products to experience the next generation of technology at your fingertips.

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