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Avoid the hassle and headaches of Asia sourcing. Enjoy the benefits of domestic quality,service and communication while keeping your dollars in the regional economy.


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Crimp Circuits- Built upon a belief in personal attention, superior quality, and professional products.

Over the last 30+ years, Crimp Circuits has been delivering the highest quality printed circuit boards, to our diverse range of satisfied customers.  As a leader in the field of PCB assembly and one of the premiere printed circuit board manufacturers in North America, our company is proud of our exceptional quality, consistent on-time delivery, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, excellent customer service and highly competitive prices.  Together all of these factors have combined to make Crimp Circuits an industry leader in PCB assembly for over 3 decades, and we’re still going strong!


Our team places our customer’s needs at the center of all we do.  We can provide solutions at highly competitive prices.


Contact us today either via email or by phone to discover the diverse ways that we can assist you with all of your printed circuit board requirements.  You can trust that we will do what it takes to find the perfect solution!

Tip of the Day

When designing artwork, remember that traces with sharp points, stubs and right-angle turns should be avoided to reduce signal noise and crosstalk.