Flexible PCB manufacturers, a new innovation

Flexible PCB manufacturers

Flexible PCB manufacturers, a new innovation

Flexible PCB is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates. Flexible PCB manufacturers are increasingly developing and its complex manufacturing combines technology and precision.

What is a flexible PCB?

Thanks to the development of aerospace and aerospace product development. Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are a type of printed circuit board that are made from a flexible substrate material and have more advantages than usually rigid PCBs: They are thinner, lighter in weight, are dynamically bendable, and are accessible for 3D interconnects assembly. There is greater freedom in electronic and mechanical design, which generates more space savings.

How are flexible boards manufactured?

The manufacturing of rigid PCB flexible boards is very similar to the manufacturing of FPC boards as PCB boards. With one difference, at certain stages during its production, the lamination of the flexible PCB card requires different equipment or different processing.

Indeed, the agile structure of the board, its tiny volume, light weight, good quality, which meet the requirements of contemporary electronic products. In addition, the development and wide spread of flexible PCBs is due to their remarkable advantages, it can extend to three-dimensional space and improve the freedom of circuit design and mechanical structure.

Most FPC PCBs use a negative method in spite of the major problem related to the substrate handling process. This is because the substrates of flexible boards are threads of different widths, and therefore the transfer of flexible laminates requires rigid support during the etching process. As a result, the handling of FPCs and PCBs is much more fragile.

With these advantages, flexible PCB manufacturers can not only reduce the overall machine workload and assembly errors, but also greatly improve the reliability and high stability of the electronic equipment system as a whole.

Flexible PCB manufacturers

The chemical cleaning of flexible printed circuit boards should be environmentally friendly. The cleaning process includes an alkaline dye bath, complete rinsing, micro-etching and final cleaning. Damage to the film material often occurs during the lifetime of the board, when the tank is agitated, when the tablet is removed from the bath or when there is no tablet, and the surface tension is destroyed in the clear bath.

The manufacturing process of flexible PCB boards

Double-sided Flex-PCB

Cutting → Drilling → PTH → Chemical plating → Pretreatment → Dry film lamination → Positioning → Exposure → Development → Pattern plating → Dry film removal → Pretreatment → Dry film lamination → Positioning and exposure → Development → Engraving → Dry film removal → Surface finishing → Overlay lamination → Lamination → Hardening → Gold dip → Screen printing → V-cutting/scoring → Electrical testing → Punching → FQC → Packaging → Shipping

Single-sided Flex-PCB

Cutting → Drilling → Dry lamination → Positioning and exposure → Development → Engraving → Dry film removal → Surface finishing → Cover lamination →Lamination → Curing → Surface finishing → Gold dip → Screen printing → V-grooving → Electrical testing → Punching → FQC → Packaging → Shipping
Thus, the manufacturing process of flexible cards is long, precise and rigorous. The development of PCB manufacturers for the aerospace sector could be extended to other sectors in particular. Resistant to high temperatures ranging from -200° C to 400° C, whose boards are used in the oil and gas industry as well. For a manufacturer to be supplied, it is preferable to turn to the producer/supplier of the treated materials and chemicals. Thanks to the information provided by the supplier and the scientific experience of the processing experts, it is possible to produce high quality flexible printed circuit boards.

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