A complete Guide to Select a PCB Manufacturing Industry

A complete Guide to Select a PCB Manufacturing Industry

While a myriad of printed circuit board manufacturers are available in the market today, choosing the right one can turn out to be an overwhelming & daunting task. PCB Manufactures should have sound expertise & experience in PCB Manufacturing Industry. Not only this, the PCB Assembly Manufacturers should have a relevant exposure to the trending technologies & methods of manufacturing.

Getting the right PCB Manufacturers in Canada renders the process of PCB manufacturing easier & convenient. On the other hand, the wrong manufacturer may lead to delay & loads to grief.

You may wonder how you can find the right printed circuit board manufacturers in Canada. Don’t worry. It you are searching for a right PCB Manufacturer for your PCB Design, we have got you covered.

Mentioned below is a list of guidelines that you may refer to in choosing the right PCB Manufacturer.

1). Start with the basics – the Experience of the manufacturer: Nothing compares to the learning imparted by the experience. And in case of PCB Manufacturing Industry, the experience does not only teach, but bring out the best.

Check out since how long the PCB manufacturing company is running the business. You must know be acquainted with the experience & the way a PCM is manufactured in the industry. An experienced PCB Manufacturer thoroughly understands the subtlety of customer’s requirements. Thus, it can effectively guide you in taking better decisions.

Well experienced manufacturers have a brand name to take care of, therefore, they abhor from making any sort of mistake that would impact their brand negatively. Not only this, they understand the value of quality of the product & deadlines that are to be met.

2). Is the PCB Manufacturing Industry Certified: Before selecting a PCB Manufacturer, ensure to check if the PCB manufacturing industry holds the requisite certifications for manufacturing PCBs. Some of the certifications are ISO, UL & IPC.

Many of the PCB manufacturers in Canada offer PCBs at relatively low prices, however, they might cost you a fortune later. You surely will not want placing an order for a Printed Circuit Board at a startup company where your project serves as a merely learning experience. Why not take a wise decision of choosing a PCB Manufacturer that is complaint to the quality of the product.

3). Are they different from other PCB Manufacturers: One line – Stay away from the “Me Too” PCB Manufacturing Industries. A good & reputable PCB manufacturer always has something unique to offer to its clients.

4). Are they capable of handling your requirements: This is one of the mandate criteria that you must pay attention to while selecting a PCB Manufacturer. Many of the PCB designing companies are restricted to a standard set of PCB specifications & tolerances because of their limited production capabilities.
If you are looking for some specific PCB Designs, you must ensure if they can accept the files on the provided formats & frame a board with pre-defined number of layers, PCB Type, Material, Tolerances & specific requirements.

5). Check their client’s list: Always enquire about the clients of a PCB Manufacturing Industry. In case the manufacturers are genuine, they would be more than happy to provide you the names of all the clients they had so far. Knowing the clients will help you to know the organization & the type of work they have done better.

You do not have to worry about this aspect with the reputed PCB prototype services in Canada as most the client-related details are available on the website. In addition to that, the emerging PCB Manufacturers would never hesitate from sharing the client’s references on request.

6). what is the Average Delivery Time: Nobody would want to place a PCB order with the industry that fails to meet the deadlines. Therefore, avoid such industries & look for the ones who have maintained a consistency in delivering the product to the clients. Ensure asking them the way they ensure on-time PCBs delivery.

7). Quality of the PCB, it does matter: Quality is one of the key aspects that you should pay attention to while choosing a PCB Manufacturing Industry.
Always enquire about the quality control process followed by the PCB Manufacturers. A capable & proficient manufacturer will offer you an insight into the PCB Manufacturing process & inspection process.

8). How good is their Support Team: Timely Customer Support is crucial in a PCB Industry. Always check how much time the industry takes to respond/address the queries & doubts of their customers. Do they address the doubts or simply ask their customers to contact some other executives?

Now that you have gone through some essential guidelines for selecting a PCB Manufacturing Industry, we believe you are ready to move out & hunt for the one you need.

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