Printed Circuit Board – Game changer of the Future

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Printed Circuit Board – Game changer of the Future

Printed Circuit Board is a boon to mankind owing to its portability & dynamic usage. PCB is also considered as the building block of electronic devices. That is why most of today’s electronic equipment is fitted with the latest technology in PCB design. The adoption of PCB has increased the demand for the Printed Circuit Board Market as well.

A few significant reasons for the growth in PCB Manufacturing are the compact size, less usage of wire, easy diagnosis & repair, affordability and efficiency of PCB. According to a leading report, Global PCB market is expected to grow at a rate of 6% for the period of 2017-2021. This growth rate is prompting PCB Manufacturers in Canada to ramp up their production & meet the rising demands of the PCB market. Innovation in circuit board components is one of the primary goals of the PCB industry to cater to a variety of needs.

Popular uses of Printed Circuit Board and Flexible PCB are in wearables, smartphones, medical equipment, smart technology like voice-assistants, thermostats and much more. Read on to know about the exciting prospects of Printed Circuit Boards and the reasons for an increase in its Global demand.

4 Trailblazing applications contributing to the demand of Printed Circuit Board:

Printed Circuit Board has a wide range of path-breaking applications in today’s world. A key factor which is contributing to the utilization of PCBs is the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Here are 5 major implementations of PCB in the Global PCB market:

Smartphones :

The first smartphone was invented in 1992 as is known as Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). Since then smartphones have come a long way. PCBs have been an integral part of smartphone manufacturing due to its small size & increased efficiency. As the smartphone industry is rapidly innovating, there is an increased reliance on Circuit Board Components Printed Circuit Boards.

PCB for smartphone

That is why industries of Printed Circuit Boards, Canada are emphasizing on innovations to offer next-generation technology to the Printed Circuit Board Market.

Wearables :

Wearable Devices have been in use since the 1980s. Printed Circuit Board or Flexible PCB are the primary components of these useful devices. Some of the wearables are smartwatches, wireless headphones, smart clothing and much more. Such devices require high-quality Printed Circuit Board. These devices are getting more sophisticated owing to an increased emphasis on providing seamless technology to consumers.

PCB for wearable devices

This leads to a requirement of the latest technology in PCB design circuit board components. Leading companies of PCB Manufacturing in Toronto are innovating constantly to meet the rising demands of Global PCB market.

Smart Vehicles :

Utilization of PCBs in vehicles is a contributing factor in accelerating the Global PCB market.  PCBs are commonly used in sensors, wireless & wired technologies and much more. The wireless technology ensures seamless connectivity with your smartphones enabling you to switch on the climate control system, unlock the vehicle & track your car effortlessly.

PCB for wearable devices

This results in a connected car which is gaining popularity due to emphasis on vehicle & customer safety. That is why PCB Assembly in Canada is increasing to meet the demands of Vehicle manufacturers.

Medical Devices :

Healthcare sector is a major user of PCB based Medical Devices. As the latest technology in PCB design & circuit board components continues to evolve, newer medical devices are invented. These are commonly used for monitoring, diagnostics and treatment purposes. Research & development of PCBs is at an all-time high to increase the efficiency & reliability of Medical devices.

PCB used in Medical Devices

That is why PCB Manufacturers in Canada & other countries are adopting newer methods to offer futuristic technology for medical devices.

These are 4 applications of Printed Circuit board which will increase PCB manufacturing in the coming years. There are many other smart technologies that are currently implementing PCBs due to its ease of repair & affordability. The Global PCB market is going to witness a paradigm shift in the future as consumers adopt IoT devices as their daily drivers.

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