What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

  • Manufacture Double-sided PCB's

    Today, double-sided printed circuit boards are the most popular type of PCB in the industry. They are the gateway to higher technology applications. The benefits of using double-sided boards are increased circuit density and reduced board size. They are widely used in applications, such as:

    Industrial controls, power supplies, HVAC, traffic systems, appliances, automotive dashboards and many more.

  • Manufacture Multi-layer PCB's

    Multi-layer printed circuit boards have one or more conductor layers inside the board, to increase the area available for the wiring. Layers of dielectric and core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure. The main advantage of multi-layered PCB's is that the board size can be reduced for use in small devices and where space is limited. They are widely used in applications, such as:

    Computers, servers, data storage, cell phone, GPS, industrial controls, satellite systems, hand held devices, medical instruments, fire alarm systems and many more.

  • Manufacture Metal-clad and metal-core PCB's

    LED lighting is becoming the most popular and widely used application in the electronics industry. LED lights are hot! They require heat dissipation that standard PCB material cannot provide.

    Metal-clad and metal-core PCB's utilize the thermal mass of aluminum of copper to provide necessary heat dissipation.

  • Manufacture flex and Rigid-flex PCB's

    For many applications, rigid circuit boards will not fit in the available space or provide necessary flexibility for assembly and service. This is when thin, flexible PCB's are used.

    Flexible PCB’s are widely and successfully used in medical, environmental, automotive, telecommunication, consumer electronics and other products. Although more expensive to manufacture, the versatility of flexible printed circuit boards, from simple applications to the most complex, is unmatched.