• What kind of PCB's do you manufacture?

    We manufacture rigid and flexible boards, which may contain up to 30 layers  of circuitry. For more details, please visit our Capabilities page or contact us with your questions.....please click for more info

  • Do you design PCB's?

    Our primary business is manufacturing PCB's, not designing them. We are happy to assist you with editing your existing design or creating relatively simple ones from scratch. We also work closely with a large list of contract engineers and service bureaus, and we are happy to refer you to them after learning your requirements.

  • What is your standard manufacturing turnaround?

    5-days for 2-layer boards and 10-days for multi-layer boards. We  are capable of much quicker turnaround times, though.

  • How fast can you build my boards?

    We are quick-turnaround specialists. In general, 2-layer jobs can be built and shipped-out the next business day and multi-layer jobs require 2 days. Your specific job requirements will dictate how quickly the order can be finished, if you send us your files we will let you know.

  • What is the best way to get a quote?

    Best method: Email your design files, quantities and delivery requirements to our sales team. A firm price will be offered. 
    Good method: Fill-out and submit our RFQ Form  The price will be accurate but not firm until we review your files. 
    Fair method: Call (416) 665-2466 and tell us about your job, we can only offer a budgetary estimate this way.